Hope Spinnery is no longer accepting Custom Orders

The Fiber Mill is now a Fiber Arts Studio... you can still purchase amazing

hand-dyed yarns, patterns and custom knitwear.

Upstairs now houses The Open Space - for classes and wokshops,

and downstairs we welcome The Guild: Community Clay Studios  

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Hope Spinnery began as a a wind-powered fiber processing mill about 9 years ago.  Nestled in the hills of Hope a few miles inland from the coast of Maine, Hope Spinnery is undergoing some major identity changes. The custom processing part of the business is closing, but   Hope Spinnery will evolve into being a wind-powered Fiber Arts Studio providing high quality yarn knitting patterns, and custom made knitwear.
All products have been created with high standards of care. Chemical-free processing methods and only natural dyes were used to create the beautiful and striking yarn, knit wear, and other products. 

Bill Huntington, owner and fiber artist, will be offering classes and retreats in the realm of fiber arts.


The Open Space (upstairs at the Spinnery) is a community space, and will also be offering classes, workshops and retreats.  Contact us to be added to The Open Space email list.

Please take a few moments to browse our products and check out the upcoming events on our happenings page... and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

This is a necessary and beautiful step in the evolution of Hope Spinnery. Change is good!

At Hope Spinnery we believe...

...that each person's relationship to fiber, art and life is unique. We respect the individuality of our customers and work with each person to create something original and satisfying. Our commitment is to process fiber and create yarn through natural methods while enjoying ourselves every step of the way. The appearance and texture of the finished product will be a rich sensory experience that will reflect the care and attention put forth by our community here at Hope Spinnery.

It's important that the design and practices of our spinnery authentically reflect not only what we like to do in life, but also how we go about doing it. In designing the Spinnery, we have made every effort to create a business that is effective, sustainable, and environmentally sound. Some of the unique aspects of Hope Spinnery are the wind generator used for power and our use of natural, not chemical, ingredients for creating color infusions used in the dying process.

Bill Huntington is the fiber artist in charge and is also the owner of the business. He is a self-taught knitter who first learned to knit and purl before moving to his grandmother's secluded homestead in Vermont about 20 years ago. He brings his passion for fiber arts and, more specifically, his continued fascination with the world of color and pattern, to this endeavor called Hope Spinnery. A native of Harpswell, Maine, Bill moved back from Philadelphia ten years ago and settled in the small town of Hope. He continued his fifteen-year career as an elementary educator until deciding to focus his energy on the creation of Hope Spinnery.

Hope Spinnery is about doing what you love and meeting others along the way who are doing the same. We invite you to journey around the website. Give us a call or, better yet, come visit. Life is too short not to love what you do and do what you love!

A Sustainable Business in Maine

Life and work should be able to exist together in harmony. Choosing a sustainable approach to business creates an atmosphere of personal, as well as professional growth. It keeps a business community-oriented and allows something to grow organically from who you are as a person.

At Hope Spinnery we know that it is necessary to run a business with the same values and ethics we apply to our lives. By living and working in ways that feel right, we can ground ourselves now, and in the future. Everything is interconnected.

Earth friendly soap is used for washing
Powered by a 10 kw Bergey wind generator
We use only natural dyes (Indigo, Madder, Cochineal, Osage Orange, Native Flowers, etc.)
Workshops offered on various fiberarts modalities
2nd Floor Gallery Space for local artists
Low-Waste — We use the by-products of our processing for other purposes.
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